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Online Article about Sustainability

Julie's Bicycle-Offsets

Julie's Bicycle- Costing the Environment

Article about the true price of carbon emissions on health, the economy and the environment.

Mother Earth News- 11 Great Places You've (mabye) Never Heard Of

Article about 11 places in the US making strives toward a more sustainable community.

EPA-Criteria for Solid Waste Disposal Facilities: A Guide for Owners/Operators

EPA- Recycling the Hard Stuff

EPA- Climate Change and Waste Reducing Waste Can Make a Difference

Archived article about the connections between waste and climate change


Online Articles about theater

Julie's Bicycle- Sustainable Production guide

Julie's Bicycle- Stage Set Construction and Disposal Factsheet

TCG-On Eco Theatre

Experimenting with Green Production

York U- The Use of Wood in Set Construction for Theatrical Performances